Neelke Doorn

(Veni laureate)

Assistant Professor bij Delft University of Technology :


I did a presentation skills training to prepare for a grant interview. The course was very fruitful. The trainers are able to give useful and constructive feedback in a way that you leave the training with sufficient self-confidence to actually look forward to the interview.


Rick Crutzen

(Veni laureate)

Assistant Professor at Maastricht University'


'John en Monique hebben een persoonlijke benadering; ze werken vanuit de persoon en proberen die naar een hoger niveau te tillen. Geen zweverige opmerkingen, maar direct en concreet advies om je presentatie skills te verbeteren'



Dr. Heidi Jacobs

(Veni laureate)

Postdoc researcher Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

School for Mental Health and Neurosciences

Division Cognitive Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Alzheimer Center Limburg


'I followed a presentation skills training as a preparation for my VENI grant interview. I have learned a new, refreshing perspective on starting presentations and how to attract the attention of the audience. I also liked that the training was not only focused on content, but also on how to use your voice, how to adapt the speed of talking and emphasis. Skills that I continue to improve and that I am also applying in other presentations and situations! I can fully recommend this training.



Marco Berndes

policy advisor Maastricht University


'John is an expert in his field. John is innovative and creative, which are two of the most important competences.'



Joris Hoeks

(Vidi laureate)

Assistant professor at Maastricht University :


'I have followed the presentation skills training at VANAFNUL training to prepare for my VIDI grant interview. The personal way of working, exploring and testing different options and freely discussing the best way of presenting only the most essential information has surely contributed to my succes in securing this research grant,



Andrea Chegut

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Center for Real Estate


'John is the presentation whisper. He combines his knowledge and experience in coaching individual performances with his own curiosity on your initiative. The result is nothing less than bringing your work to the next level'



Behnam Taebi

(Veni laureate)

Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs


'Als iemand met enkele jaren onderwijservaring en publieke optredens live op de radio en televisie, had ik nooit gedacht een training nodig te hebben voor mijn presentatievaardigheden. John Rouvroye & Monique Colen bewezen echter het tegendeel. Het valt niet mee 4 jaar onderzoek in 5 minuten te presenteren aan een kritische commissie. De training die ik van John en Monique kreeg bleek zeer nuttig te zijn in het overtuigen van de Veni-commissie om mij 250,000 onderzoeksgeld toe te vertrouwen. Ik beveel deze training dan ook van harte aan. Ook als je denkt het goed te kunnen, kan het geen kwaad om dat even te checken.


Atilla Geresdi

(Veni laureate)

‎postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft



'As a researcher I am confident about the science I do, nevertheless presenting an idea or results requires different skills. Practise makes master, but I was given an head start here. Monique and John, thank you for leading me through the art of catching and maintaining the attention of an audience !'


Paul Smeets

Assistant Professor in finance at Maastricht University


'I took the presentation skills training as part of a workshop on grant applications. What I particularly liked about the training was the detailed feedback I received, both in class and via the video that was made. Also, the trainer (John) has good knowledge on the specifics of the presentations needed for a grant application. I can warmly recommend this training.



Anique de Bruin

(Veni laureate)

Associate professor at Maastricht University


'I worked with John in preparation of my VENI interview, and his advice on how to create an image in the head of the audience was enlightening and improved my presentation to a great extent. He also coordinated a presentation workshop at our PhD conference (SHE Academy), where he showed that he is able to translate his training easily to researchers from non-Western cultures. I was very impressed by that. The versatility in his training is impressive; from elevator pitches and PhD defenses to lecturing (to name a few). '


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